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e3 Weight Management System is Glen’s concept and formula for success, as it focuses on three principals: Eating, Exercise and Education. The secret to controlling body composition and weight loss is balanced energy.

The “e3 Essentials”

Eating, Exercise and Education are the keys to the step-by-step application that will help you manage your weight for safe, long-term results, finally ending the fad diet trap and improving your overall health.


Glen is a trusted Nutrition Expert with over 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and is a certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). His down to earth manner sets him apart from his peers; “Perfect does not exist, if you shoot for it you will always fail,” says Glen of his approach to weight management and sports performance optimization through nutrition. Glen believes in making changes in your daily eating as part of your lifestyle. Restriction is not the answer to a lifestyle change, but balancing nutritious meals in a timely manner. Proper hydration and sleep also play a critical role in achieving success.

For the highest level of nutrition counseling, look for the RDN credential!

e3 Weight Management System is Glen’s concept and formula for success, as it focuses on three principals: Eating, Exercise and Education. The secret to controlling body composition and weight loss is balanced energy. The desired goal for most of us is to lose weight; however, our goals should be to change the shape of our bodies by reducing body fat, increasing our energy levels and improve our overall health.

“Energy In (eating) vs. Energy Out (exercise).” “Calories” mean energy. Simply stated, to lose body fat, calories expended must be greater than calories consumed. The focus of the e3 Weight Management System is to help you change your body composition and improve your overall health through the understanding and management of energy. e3 is a scientifically-based weight management system created to provide safe and effective results to help you look and feel better. It is designed to work with your eating habits and provide you with the knowledge necessary to help you modify your lifestyle.

Clients share their experience

I.K. Enemkpali
DE 5-year NFL Veteran
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When playing with the New York Jets Glen was always there to answer my question and give me tidbits to take home with me so I'm constantly fueling my body with the right nutrients. Taking his advice and consistently doing it what I felt on the field was strength, energy, and durability. When I left Glen and went to a different team that had no nutritionist to work with I suffered a torn ACL and it impacted my career greatly.
Ryan Fitzpatrick
QB Miami Dolphins
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Glen was able to provide an overview of my nutrition (or lack thereof) and layout a simple, clear path of better foods and habits that transformed my overall fitness and also drastically improved the energy I performed with on game day.
Brandon Marshall
WR 13-year NFL Veteran
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I believe Nutrition is the most important factor in performance. It’s no coincidence that my best year in the NFL was when I started working with Glen. I’ve worked with a lot of experts over the last 14years and Glen is one of our country’s best.
Willie Colon
OG Retired NFL Player
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"Nutrition is a Way of Life and a state of healing if you allow yourself to trust the process. the reward comes when your able to be live with the man in the mirror" thank you Glen
Clay Hampton
Director of Football Operations at Houston Texans
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In my role as Senior Director of Football Operations I worked closely with Glen in assisting him with timing and logistics of team meals. Glen was always prepared, professional and open to ideas. From the outset, it was easy to establish a great rapport with him and in that time I learned much more through him. In my observations, Glen had a very practical approach in working with the Jets players, coaches and staff which is vital in an NFL environment. The meals and service at our night before game team hotel improved dramatically and immediately as soon as Glen came on board. He immediately established meaningful dialogue with the hotel chef and banquet staff which quickly manifested itself to a first rate nutrition program at the hotel. While Glen’s credentials and experience speak for itself, his practical approach and genuine caring nature set him above. Great man.
Ali B Knott
Football Coach at Westhill High School
Amateur Boxer
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I have had the pleasure of working with Glen over the past 7 years. During this time he has helped me compete in several ameature boxing events . Balancing your weight, strength, and energy level can be a real challenge as a fighter. Training is draining and can be taxing mentally and physically. The energy in such as the foods we eat ultimately play a big role in this. He has helped make this process very easy with clear, precise directions as well as options. I never got the feel that I was on a diet, instead Glen has helped me to develop a healthy lifestyle change needed for optimal performance. Most importantly, a lifestyle I can keep and apply to my everyday way of living. Not only has Glen to help my own athletic performance, I have the pleasure of working side by side with him to help others reach their own goals. Just as important as the energy in, is the energy out. Pairing his guidance with proper training or a trainer will have you reach your goal safely and in a reasonable amount of time. Working with Glen on many different levels has me a firm believer that he can get you to your goals. Glen will have you feeling great, recovering well, and performing better. The result are undenyable. Seeing Glen with a wide range of clientele and having that personal experience, I highly recommend Glen Tobias. --
Chandler Shepherd
Pitcher Baltimore Orioles
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What started out as a business relationship, me the athlete and Glen the nutritionist, turned into a great friendship almost immediately. Glen is an incredible guy that will do anything he can to help you. When I started working with Glen, I hadn’t taken nutrition as serious as I should have, the impact Glen had on me these last couple of years are massive. Very soon I began to wake up feeling better, rarely I was sore, I noticed how much more energetic I was, and my on field performance increased quickly. I hope to continue to work with Glen as my career continues. I honestly feel that Glen is the type of guy who will make sure you get the best out of yourself. He’s always in your corner and wants you to succeed. In my opinion, if your looking to work with someone and start your plan now then there’s no one better out there.
Demario Davis
LB New Orleans Saints
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When I was coming out of college for the draft was the first time that I had the opportunity to work with Glen. He drew me up a simple yet complete nutrition plan that not only transformed my body, but help optimize my training which took my physique and skill to an entirely new level. The next time I had the opportunity to work with Glen was when he came on staff with the New York Jets. He helped me form a nutrition plan that not only sustained me for the entire season but helped me optimize my ability to perform.
Mike Catapano Jr.
LB 6-year NFL Veteran
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I worked with Glen before my 2016 season playing for the New York Jets. I was transitioning to a new position that required me to transform my body into a leaner and faster version without losing strength. Glen’s practical and thorough approach to my diet produced results rather quickly. He made a simple and effective plan for me that was easy to follow, and got the job done.
Gladys Ditroia
Weight Management Specialist
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Woking with Glen has changed my life and the lives of countless clients I have worked with over the past 10 years . I would never believe that his e3 certification, a 7 week weight management course could quickly turn into a 6 figure salary and a career that helps so many people lose weight and keep it off! Glen knows his stuff! His course gave me a solid foundation on nutrition and taught me the most easy to follow and effective weight loss program available. And most importantly, he showed me how to use the program in real world practice sessions. He has a deep understanding of the psychology and challenges of those trying to lose weight . Sharing this knowledge has been an invaluable tool over the years. Even after completing the course, Glen continued to supply endless support. He was always available to help and educate me on challenging issues that came up with clients ; everything from endocrine disorders to working with kosher and vegan clients. And it didn't end there! He helped grow my business even more by lending his expertise as a speaker at my sales presentations at doctors offices . I have had a booming weight loss practice for ten years. The success in my private practice has led to two cover stories in health and fitness publications and other amazing opportunities. The program Glen taught me gets rave reviews and jaw dropping results! Clients say that the program is so easy to follow and that they are never hungry. It is both realistic and sustainable . And most importantly, it doesnt compromise their quality of life! They can still enjoy eating out and socializing with friends. I am forever grateful to Glen for guiding, motivating and supporting me all these years.

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