What to buy for Halloween

There are hundreds of articles on how bad candy is, and we all know that, but how about one that will help you make “better bad food choices.”

When planning on stocking up for all the Trick or Treaters; here the things you must do:

Be Selfish

The rule is to never buy your favorite candies. If you are a chocolate person then look for a gummy one to give out. You will be much less likely to eat things you don’t love.

Choose wisely

Pick the candy that is “healthier” but not full a blown health food. Your “delicious” homemade acai
berry/quinoa candies will be all over your lawn in the AM.

Some better choices are (organic, for less pesticides and chemicals):

  1. Gummies that are naturally sweetened and colored, that don’t have all the dyes in them.
  2. Fair trade chocolate…not too dark or the kids won’t like it.
  3. Naturally sweetened and colored lollipops

Put a Limit on it

Do not buy enough candy to feed a small country. Going to Costco and Sams Club is fine for toilet paper but not for bulk candy. People pretend it’s to save money but it’s really to have leftovers.

Donate it

When Nov 1 st comes around donate the candy to a homeless shelter along with some healthy foods you have in your kitchen. Now you can’t eat the candy and you’ve helped people who are in need. A Win/Win situation.